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Fight fraud and stolen data while protecting your privacy, with easy-to-use identity from trustable sources.

Make Digital Life Easier

Protect User Privacy

Prevent Fraud

Core Principles

User Privacy

End-users hold and control their own data

No Data Consolidation

Identity data is never centralized; it is only ever controlled by users and their trusted issuers

Data Disclosures

Data is only revealed with the Individual consent of the end-user


Serving everyone, regardless of technology limitations

Industry Case Studies


Protecting Patient Privacy

Verifiable credentials make assured authentication easy while protecting patient privacy. The ADIA ecosystem enables healthcare providers to create and issue trusted digital credentials that people can use to access services and treatment across multiple systems.

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Provide targeted services and prevent fraud

Citizens can be assured that their identities are safe and secure—and they can prove who they are easily and quickly. Verifiable credentials are the perfect way to ensure privacy and consent for sharing data across their myriad interactions with government services.

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Connect graduates with employers

Graduates can easily provide future employers, such as large firms and enterprises, fraud-free digital attestations from authoritative sources. Accountable digital identity saves the reputation of the educational institution from false claims using fake diplomas while making it easy for potential employers to know the data presented to them is accurate.

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Eliminate fraud and mishandling of sensitive data

Financial service businesses must adhere to a growing number off global regulations to avoid costly fines, including anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Accountable Digital Identity takes the place of paper proofs, making customer onboarding and audit trails a smooth process for the business and customer.

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Simplify global workforce and customer data

Distributed verifiable credentials not only protect the privacy and security of the identity data for customer data, but also the expanive global workforce. Using this innovative technology, the world is growing and so is the enterprise workforce. Accountable Digital Identity is easy to implement with the ADIA Specification.

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Slide blog1 “Security and privacy are fundamental rights for every person, whether in the digital or physical worlds; but trust and accountability are equally necessary for a functioning business or society.”

- Ramesh Kesanupalli
Co-founder, ADI Association
Former Founder, FIDO Alliance
Slide “Bootstrapping trusted digital identity is a must for secure online transactions. DID Alliance is finally providing this capability in an open and trusted fashion. The internet identity layer is getting its birth certificate.”

- Abbie Barbir
Co-founder, ADI Association
Senior Security Advisor, CVS Health
Slide “As a founding member of the association, Badge is committed to preserving the integrity and privacy of digital identities everywhere. Together with ADIA, we are building the governance framework for decentralized identities around the world.”

– Dr. Tina P. Srivastava
Co-Chair of Governance Working Group, ADI Association
Co-Founder, Badge Inc.
Slide "Digital identity with trust and accountability is required to unlock the full potential of distributed ledger technology. Stakeholder consensus is only meaningful if you can trust the identities behind the stakeholders.”

– Chris Clason
Director of Strategic Alliances
Digital Asset

The Power of a Digital Address

A Digital Address is a human-friendly way for a person to access a verifiable digital credential and prove who they are online. It enables access to the decentralized identity network for those who may not have access to computers or smartphones.

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Identiverse 15th Annual Conference, May 28-31, 2024

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