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Healthcare delivery is being redefined and patients are navigating multiple systems for telehealth, medical IoT devices, pharmacies, and much more. ADIA is an easy system helping transform the future of healthcare with  trusted identities, data and transactions.


Government of all kinds empower their agencies to provide a multitude of identification for their citizens and residents including national IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, healthcare ID’s, smart IDs, and e-government applications. ADIA reduces friction and fraud for people navigating Government systems.

Financial Services

Financial institutions, retailers, and other businesses are looking for ways to engage consumers, protect their brands, reduce fraud and expand market share. ADIA helps eliminate the more than $5B in new account fraud costs for the financial industry. 


Accountable Digital Identity is a secure and innovative solution providing an exceptional student experience, that meets the unique needs of both students and school administrators. Students control their accountable digital credentials as they share them with future employers and enterprises. Accountable Digital Identity reduces fraud and misuse of student data while educational institutions extract value from interactions with students beyond college life.


Expanding into new markets with new workforces andn new customer market growth, enterprises navigate an array of identity systems, both internally and partner systems. Accontable Digital Identity brings an easy solution to protecting privacy and adhering to an expanding list of global data regulations, while leveraging existing identity infrastructure.

Decentralized identity is the identity management disruptor that you’ve been waiting for!

The Accountable Digital Identity Association (ADI Association) is an open industry association created to drive the development of a standardized, interoperable framework for decentralized identity services to ensure the authenticity of, and to establish trust in, digital identities.

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