Accountable Digital Identity

The Accountable Digital Identity Association (ADIA) has created a standard identity interchange and governance system that enables trusted issuers to provide users with portable digital identities.

User Experience

  • Multiple credentials from trusted issuers
  • Ease of on-boarding with Digital Address
  • ID verification from Service Provider viewpoint


  • Unique Digital Address across the ecosystem
  • Assurance Levels for Credentials (NIST 800-63)
  • Vetted Identities for self-onboarded users


  • Trustable ID via issuer-vetted Digital Address
  • Easy to integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Inclusive to everyone despite mobile access

Unique Digital Address for every user

Bootstrapped from existing infrastructure, a Digital Address is an alias for the user’s identity, used to access a DID-based ID for the user.

  • Given by a trusted Issuer (employer, financial institution, healthcare provider, educational institution, etc.)
  • Bound to human attributes
  • Unlocked by biometric authentication
  • Control various identity and data disclosures while interacting with Digital services in real-time directly from issuing sources

ADIA Specification Framework


In this model, data is not collected or duplicated, but rather is associated with a Digital Address that is issued by an authorized entity and managed by accredited ADI Interchanges. Each interchange operates and provides services to end-users, service providers, and issuers as a standalone network. Interchange compliance with the ADIA Specification and governance principles, provides connectivity and interoperability with other interchanges.

Each issuer in the ecosystem retains the user records and associates the data with their identity, linked using their Digital Address. When validation is required (e.g., new sign-ups, service logins, payments, IoT), the requesting party is presented only with the relevant data and only with the user’s consent.

The ADIA Specification will ensure that service providers can trust the identity of a user and quality of the issuer. The ADIA ecosystem will enable unprecedented accountability and trust for digital identities without compromising user privacy.

ADI Association and Ecosystem


The mission of the the ADI Association is to create a new and better worldwide system for creating, managing, and using digital identity as well as sharing personal information. This system solves some of the most important practical problems attached to the operation and adoption of decentralized identity technology by enabling a business interoperability layer as well as a technological one.

The ADIA Specification is built on privacy-by-design principles while providing strong authentication, secure data sharing, and a range of identity services, including the capacity for consent-based participant accountability.

Solutions based on the ADIA Specification will be easy to incorporate into existing identity management systems without rewriting applications or changing existing infrastructure. They incorporate KYC and FIDO processes, are interoperable with other decentralized identity systems, and, above all, are easy to adopt and use by participants, including those without access to data-enabled devices.


The ADIA Governance Framework is the foundation of trust and accountability for the ADIA Specification. The membership of the ADI Association is responsible for the governance of the ADIA Specification. The ADIA Governance Framework is a comprehensive and clear set of policies for managing the ADIA ecosystem. It ensures that the ADIA’s ecosystem of unique services serve all participants according to the standards set by the ADI Association for technical performance, privacy, and security.

See the Specification Governance here.

Corporate Governance can be found here.


Decentralized identity is the identity management disruptor that you’ve been waiting for!

The Accountable Digital Identity Association (ADI Association) is an open industry association created to drive the development of a standardized, interoperable framework for decentralized identity services to ensure the authenticity of, and to establish trust in, digital identities.

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