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The ADI Association brings companies and organizations together to advance and scale easy-to-use, privacy-preserving accountable digital identity. ADI’s global membership defines and develops the ADIA Specification with the goal of solving today’s identity problems. With the governance implemented by the ADI Association, participant identities are assured and unique.


The ADI Association is committed to developing an inclusive, interoperable ecosystem for digital identity that empowers people by giving them control of their digital identity data in a privacy-preserving, distributed, secure, and verifiable way.


The ADI Association (the “Association”) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation and promotion of a new and better worldwide system for creating, managing, and using digital identity and sharing personal information. The Association will achieve this through creating a global coalition of public and private organizations for the purpose of advancing a new interoperable specification for digital identity through implementation of the ADIA specification.

The ADIA Specification is built on privacy-by-design principles while providing strong authentication, secure data sharing, and a range of identity services, including the capacity for consent-based participant accountability. The ADIA Specification will be easy to incorporate into existing identity management systems, incorporate KYC and FIDO processes, be interoperable with other decentralized identity systems, and, above all, be easy to adopt and use by participants, including those without access to data-enabled devices.

Our Values

Trust & Accountability

Trust and accountability are fundamental necessities for a functioning business and society. These can be generated within a distributed ecosystem through consent-based identity escrow services.


The ADI Association recognizes the critical importance of interoperability to the success of its specification and to the widespread adoption of verifiable credentials.

Trusted Onboarding

The ADI Association believes that the users should be onboarded by a trusted issuer after robust identity verification, providing the strong assurance needed by businesses and organizations.


ADI Association is working to close the digital identity divide between those with the means to access digital identity and those without. Technologies, processes, and governance must enable the fullest possible participation by everyone.

Community Driven

The ADI Association is committed to supporting the work of the identity community and its standards organizations wherever possible. The ADI Association Specification is open for the community to adopt and expand.


The ADI Association is committed to reflecting the universality of identity by developing and recruiting a diverse organization and board, as well as nurturing an environment in which diversity can flourish.

Organizational Culture

The ADI Association is committed to creating a collaborative, consultative, and inclusive work culture that respects and reflects the diversity of its membership.

Advocacy and Education

The ADI Association is committed to advocating for decentralized identity and educating people about its benefits.

The ADIA Specification is the identity management innovation that you’ve been waiting for!


“Our ultimate goal is to provide a new type of identity that can be trusted globally across different networks and that would include people who are not technologically equipped or people who do not have a presentable identity.”

Ramesh Kesanupalli

“We will strive to unite the existing identity projects with the current identity-related experts in the broader global community. The ADIA Alliance is connecting human identity to digital identity with an open framework that establishes trust and accountability in the digital world.”

Soon Hyung Lee

“Bootstrapping trusted digital identity is a must for secure online transactions. The ADI Association is finally providing this capability in an open and trusted fashion. The internet identity layer is getting its birth certificate.”

Abbie Barbir

The Accountable Digital Identity Association (ADI Association) is an open industry association created to drive the development of a standardized, interoperable framework for decentralized identity services to ensure the authenticity of, and to establish trust in, digital identities.

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