There are more than 17 million students enrolled in higher education each year in the US, with more than 2 million new students enrolling and roughly the same number entering the workforce annually.

Students and parents must provide identity information and establish themselves with various higher educational institutions, government agencies, and financial institutions when entering college.  Traditionally, this process would require individuals to share extensive personal information with many different companies.

The ADIA ecosystem enables higher education, government agencies, and financial institutions to issue (or accept previously issued) verifiable identity credentials. Using these credentials, students and their parents protect their information privacy, as they need only share the specific items each institution requires.

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Students can use their credentials to access services like applying for financial aid and loans, registering for classes, making tuition payments, and taking online exams, and submitting their work online.

The student can use the same credentials when entering the workforce to authorize the sharing of educational transcripts with future employers.  Higher ed. institutions release information only to companies directly authorized by the student, thus ensuring their information privacy is preserved and always in their control.

The ADIA ecosystem will empower universities to uniquely create a digital identity with a “Digital Address” at the time of initial enrollment, which the student can carry while in university and beyond.

For Students:
  • Easy online enrollment for classes for other services 
  • Efficient and trusted credit transfers between universities
 For Enterprises and other organizations which need verification:
  • Verification of educational qualifications – credits, major, etc. 
  • Verification of diploma
  • Student Identity verification 
For Educational Institutions:
  • Tamper-proof test results delivery
  • Diploma delivery 
  • Reduced paper trails
  • Protection from reputational damage
  • Additional financial upside through verifications 
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