ADI Association Membership

ADIA Membership

The Accountable Digital Identity Association (ADIA) has a diverse set of sponsors organizations around the world including governments agencies, banks, healthcare providers, service providers, and security ecosystem vendors that want to make it easier and more secure for their users, employees, and customers to use digital identities. 



Simplify identity creation and maintenance

User Experience

Reduce friction for users to access services

Cost Savings

Lower the cost of maintaining credentials, password resets, and identity management

Reduce Fraud

Lower fraud rates in industries such as finance and healthcare

Read more about the members of the ADIA ecosystem below.

Example Members: Government agencies, universities, insurance providers, banks

Member Profile: Any organization that issues new identities to users, employees or citizens


– Simplify identity creation

– Shape an emerging identity standard

– Governance framework for interoperability with service providers


Example Members: Online retailers, hospitals, and digital businesses

Member Profile: Providers of any digital service requiring identity verification and authentication


– Reduce friction for users

– Lower costs of managing user credentials

– Avoid necessity of storing large amounts of personal identity information of users

Example Members: Enterprise businesses

Member Profile: Any business that uses identity information for its employees or customers


– Lower cost of employee password and identity management

– Lower fraud and risk of data breach

– Leadership in representative industry

– Attract and retain talent

Example Members: Identity management, biometrics, authentication platforms

Member Profile: Technology providers that enable the ADIA ecosystem


– Access to new customers and markets

– Thought leadership and visibility

– Shape an emerging standard

The ADIA Specification is the identity management innovation that you’ve been waiting for!

The Accountable Digital Identity Association (ADI Association) is an open industry association created to drive the development of a standardized, interoperable framework for decentralized identity services to ensure the authenticity of, and to establish trust in, digital identities.

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