DID Alliance renames to ADI Association and renews commitment to deliver ecosystem specification for accountable, private, easy-to-use digital identity.

April 20th, 2021, Today, the nonprofit DID Alliance announced that it has changed its name to the Accountable Digital Identity Association (ADIA).

“By changing our name to ADI Association, we are strengthening our commitment as a community to privacy preserving, Accountable Digital Identity,” said Ramesh Kesanupalli, co-founder of ADI Association and former founder, FIDO Alliance. “ADI believes security and privacy when combined with dependable trust and accountability across all participants, creates the most robust business identity ecosystem. The ADI Association has been formed to deliver on this pioneering vision.”

The ADIA Specification, which provides the technical foundation for an entire identity ecosystem based on assured identity, will be released for review in May. Companies and organizations who are interested in participating in, collaborating with, and contributing to the specification should become a part of the ADI Association.

“The architecture we have created makes it easy for any company to adopt decentralized identity, without any disruption to their existing identity management applications and infrastructure” said Abbie Barbir, co-founder of the ADI Association and Senior Security Advisor, CVS Health. “The result will empower people to protect their identities and personal data, reducing the risk of fraud and Identity theft.”

The ADIA Specification embraces existing and emerging industry standards from various standard bodies including FIDO Alliance, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF).

“We are excited to announce the availability of the ADIA Specification for review in May, marking a major milestone for the Association’s members and the future of privacy preserving Accountable Digital Identity,” said Kiran Addepalli, Co-Chair of Technical Working Group at ADI Association and VP of Engineering at Digital Trust Networks. “Working together with our community partners, this new specification delivers a comprehensive approach to digital identity while building assurance into one easy to use and easy to implement system. This is a significant accomplishment, not only for our membership but also for the broader industry because the ADIA Specification allows any enterprise, organization, or government to mitigate fraud and misinformation in the digital world.”

“We continue to see the growth of decentralized identity across borders and industries,” said Soonhyung Lee, co-founder of ADI Association, CEO of RaonSecure. “Its transformational power is immense, and we are driving that transformation with the ADI Specification. Now is the right time to join the ADI Association and join the paradigm shift that will bring the digital world to the next level.”

For further information about joining the ADI Association membership, please visit ADIAssocaition.org and learn how to be part of the future of the Association and ADIA Specification.

About Us

The ADI Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation and promotion of a new and better worldwide system for creating, managing, and using digital identity and sharing personal information. The Association will achieve this by creating a global coalition of public and private organizations for the purpose of advancing a new interoperable specification for digital identity through the implementation of the ADIA Specification. Some of the members include CVS, Hitachi, Early Warning Systems, Jumio, Digital Asset Holdings, Digital Trust Networks, RaonSecure, Onfido and Badge Inc.

For more information: ADIassociation.org

Jason S. Burnett
ADI Association


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