RaonSecure launches the first ‘Blockchain-based Simple Authentication’ service with the public institution named Military Manpower Administration

– A successful implementation that improves the services provided by MMA with blockchain while improving the convenience by eliminating the needs of public certificates

– Application of OmniOne, the Decentralized Identity (DID) Platform combining FIDO biometric standards and blockchain

UPDATE (9/17/2020): RaonSecure has provided a case study of this project. You can find it by clicking below.


Download: ReonSecure Military Manpower Casestudy


RaonSecure (ticker: 042510, CEO Soon-hyung Lee), a leading ICT security software company, announced that it officially launched on January 21 the ‘blockchain-based simple authentication’ service, which was jointly developed with the Military Manpower Administration (MMA), a Korean public institution that runs under the Ministry of National Defense. RaonSecure is pioneering the Decentralized Identity field by implementing for the first time the related technology within a public institution in Korea.

Since April last year, RaonSecure has jointly developed with the Military Manpower Administration a blockchain platform aiming at providing certificate-free civil service. The newly established Military Manpower Administration’s civil service portal site is the first Korean public institution’s website to provide a blockchain-based electronic signature service (DID), making it easy to log in and perform identification procedures without requiring public certificate.

The blockchain-based simple authentication service can now easily be used. Users can first download the MMA Simple Authentication app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iPhone). Then, users can run the app to perform simple authentication and identification process through their mobile phone authenticator. Once positively identified, users can log in to the MMA’s civil service portal with the blockchain-based simple authentication technology. In addition, they can use the blockchain-based simple authentication login function with the MMA’s mobile app, which enables users to fill in various types of applications related to civil service such as for active duty soldiers or alternative service.

“OmniOne”, the Decentralized Identity (DID) platform based on FIDO biometric authentication and blockchain, enables users to manage securely and conveniently their personal information. More precisely, OmniOne provides users with various services such as:

– ‘Simple authentication’ that reduces the number of steps related to authentication process;

– ‘Secure identification’ that enables users to prove their identity in a trustful and digital way;

– ‘Credentials verification’ that allows user to easily prove the validity of their certificates or status;

– ‘IDentity of things (IDoT) that enhances the security in IoT environments by combining things with DID.

OmniOne is a key driver of the DID Alliance, where 56 South Korean and foreign companies are already participating in order to establish global standards for DID technology, and trust and accountability in the digital world. DID Alliance plans to unveil the OmniOne TestNet in the first quarter of this year, and is reviewing various business models with member companies based on the existing proven cases with the Military Manpower Administration, and the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute.

As of today, about 56 South Korean and foreign companies have joined the DID Alliance, and are actively performing researches on global technology standards and business models. More precisely , the following companies have already joined the DID Alliance: Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, NongHyup Bank, Kwangju Bank, Jeonbuk Bank, Samsung Card, Shinhan Card, KB Kookmin Card, Korea Investment & Securities, NICE Information Service, MarkAny, Planet Digital, Shinhan SDS, Samsung SDS, T MONET, Military Mutual Aid Association, Raonsecure, Sovrin, Civic, Hitachi, etc…

“We are pleased to enhance the convenience of public services by establishing a blockchain-based simple authentication platform that eliminates the reliance on certificate, and at the same time increase reliability of civil service while implementing a function preventing non-repudiation,” said Soon-hyung Lee, CEO of RaonSecure. He added, “With the opening of the demonstration service, we will strive to expand the blockchain-based simple authentication service to private and public organizations that are not only considering to introduce other authentication means than public certificates, but also to reduce the cost related to identification process. We will also contribute to the expansion of DID technology standards and services along with the global development of the DID Alliance.”

Soon-hyung Lee, the CEO of RaonSecure, won the Military Manpower Administration’s award at the end of December last year for his contribution to enhance the convenience of the public service by developing the blockchain platform for providing civil service without certificates.

Legend 1. Picture taken on December 2019 during the “2019 blockchain promotion week”, hosted by the Ministry of Science, and ICT – Jae-young Lee, one of the director at RaonSecure, is demonstrating the Military Manpower Administration’s blockchain-based simple authentication service to the 2nd Vice-Minister Wonki Kim (right side of the picture).

Legend 2. Expected impact of Military Manpower Administration Blockchain-based Simple Authentication Service

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