The webinar discusses the problems around digital identity as it is currently implemented. Internet accounts are too easily compromised, duplicated, and fraudulently synthesized, resulting in widespread identity theft and other types of fraud. ADI Association is dedicated to bringing accountability and trust to digital identities on the internet.

This panel discussion is hosted by Ed Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber.  He is joined by:

  • Mike Towers, Chief Digital Trust Officer at Takeda, and board member of H-ISAC
  • Jim Routh, 6-time CISO for companies including Mass Mutual, CVS / Aetna, American Express, as well as being a member of the board of ADI Association
  • Ramesh Kesanupalli, CEO of Digital Trust Networks, founder of FIDO Alliance, and co-founder of ADI Association
  • Abbie Barbir, Senior Security Architect and co-founder of ADI Association

In the discussion, the panelists discuss accountability and trust for digital identities as well as the ADI Association mission.

The ADIA specification can be accessed via our Technology page.

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