The ADI Association is pleased to publish this new white paper by Jim Routh. In it, Jim examines some of the trends in advanced authentication.

Executive Summary

Establishing and managing identity securely is an essential requirement for the digital world. Unfortunately, most digital services continue to rely on passwords as their primary form of authentication. However, new technologies enable enterprises to finally move away from passwords and establish a single, lifetime digital identity for each person, with accountability as a key pillar.

This paper describes next-generation authentication methods and standards, including the emerging Accountable Digital Identity (ADI) standard from ADI Association.

Excerpt from the Introduction

Organizations of all sizes need a successful digital presence to meet customer requirements and
support their business objectives. To achieve this, they must onboard digital customers securely
without creating friction in the user experience. Today, these experiences still rely on legacy,
password-based solutions for onboarding, even though these solutions are ineffective against identity
fraud. Read more by downloading the whitepaper.   

About the author

Jim Routh is a former CISO for Mass Mutual, CVS / Aetna, KPMG, DTCC and American Express.  He currently serves on the ADI Association board.


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Download the white paper here.

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